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Introduction to Space Protocol

Recent developments in DeFi have drastically increased the capabilities of individuals and institutions to compound value through the innovative application of smart contracts, blockchain technology, and traditional economic principles. By leveraging the programmable capabilities of cryptocurrencies and adding new technological solutions, blockchain advancements allow for legacy capital market activities like lending, borrowing, and trading. Despite these advancements, a gap remains between real assets and crypto that presents a massive opportunity. Space Protocol was created to bridge the divide between DeFi and real-world, cash-generating assets. Space provides a marketplace of staking pools where participants can provide needed liquidity for service providers and asset deployers to purchase cash-generating assets. Service revenue from these assets is driven to their respective pool where liquidity providers earn this yield as LP rewards.

The Team

The team behind Space Protocol has extensive experience in the real-world, hard assets arena. Out of frustration with non-existent or poorly-aligned hardware investing options, they pioneered a new asset class based on participating in hardware-enabled revenues by owning assets. Their niche, non-correlated approach in legacy vehicles has generated organic yields of greater than 20%-50% annualized, on an institutional basis and with institutional investors. The team recognizes that decentralizing pooled hardware and associated yields offers not only a potent store of real value but also an opportunity to unlock tremendous latent potential in the massive arena of real assets. They are developing blockchain-enabled technology to take hardware and real value to a level previously not possible.
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